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Tirisfal Glades storyline

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Tirisfal Glades storyline
« on: March 16, 2022, 05:52:40 AM »
Tirisfal Glades storyline

Tirisfal Glades is a level 1-10 Horde-only zone in Lordaeron, and begins the Undead starting experience.

Fresh out of the Grave
H [1-10] Fresh out of the Grave
H [1-10] The Shadow Grave
H [1-10] Those That Couldn't Be Saved
H [1-10] Caretaker Caice
H [1-10] The Wakening
H [1-10] Beyond the Grave
H [1-10] Recruitment
H [1-10] Shadow Priest Sarvis
H [1-10] Scourge on our Perimeter
H [1-10] Novice Elreth (optional)
H [1-10] The Truth of the Grave
H [1-10] The Executor In the Field
H [1-10] The Damned
H [1-10] Night Web's Hollow
H [1-10] No Better Than the Zombies
H [1-10] Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment
H [1-10] Vital Intelligence

Reaping the Reapers
After Vital Intelligence:
Complete all of
H [1-30] Reaping the Reapers
H [1-30] The Scarlet Palisade
H [1-30] A Scarlet Letter
New Plague
H [1-30] Fields of Grief
H [1-30] Variety is the Spice of Death
H [1-30] Johaan's Experiment
Side quest: H [1-30] Ever So Lonely
H [1-30] Gordo's Task
Flight Path side chain:
H [1-30] Supplying Brill
H [1-30] Ride to the Undercity
H [1-30] Michael Garrett
H [1-30] Return to Morris
H [1-30] The New Forsaken
Side quest: H [1-30] A Putrid Task
H [1-30] Forsaken Duties
H [1-30] The Chill of Death
H [1-30] Return to the Magistrate
H [1-30] Darkhound Pounding
Side quest: H [1-30] A Thorn in our Side
Side chain: H [1-30] Escaped From Gilneas & H [1-30] Annihilate the Worgen
H [1-30] Holland's Experiment

Garren's Haunt
H [1-30] Garren's Haunt
H [1-30] Doom Weed
Side quest: H [1-30] Graverobbers / H [1-30] Maggot Eye
H [1-30] Off the Scales & H [1-30] Planting the Seed of Fear
H [1-30] Head for the Mills (optional)
H [1-30] The Family Crypt
Drop: H [1-30] The Haunted Mills
H [1-30] The Mills Overrun & H [1-30] Deaths in the Family
H [1-30] Speak with Sevren
H [1-30] The Grasp Weakens
H [1-30] East... Always to the East
H [1-30] At War With The Scarlet Crusade
Side chain: H [1-30] Grisly Grizzlies, H [1-30] A Little Oomph
H [1-30] A Deadly New Ally
H [1-30] A Daughter's Embrace
H [1-30] To Bigger and Better Things
H [1-30] Take to the Skies


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