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WotLK Raids by level

Name Abbr. Zone Type Min. Level Level Range Heroic Min. Level Heroic Level Range Expansion
Naxxramas Naxx10, Naxx25 Dragonblight 10/25-man 80 80+ - - WotLK
Obsidian Sanctum OS, Sarth10/25 Dragonblight, Wyrmrest Temple 10/25-man 80 80+ - - WotLK
Vault of Archavon Vault, VoA10/25 Wintergrasp 10/25-man 80 80+ - - WotLK
Eye of Eternity Maly, EoE10/25 Borean Tundra, The Nexus 10/25-man 80 80+ - - WotLK
Ulduar Uld10/25 Storm Peaks, Ulduar 10/25-man 80 80+ 80 80+ WotLK
Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader TC, ToC, TotC10/25, ToGC (Heroic) Icecrown, Crusaders' Coliseum 10/25-man 80 80+ 80 80+ WotLK
Onyxia's Lair Ony10/Ony25 Dustwallow Marsh 10/25-man 80 80+ - - WotLK
Icecrown Citadel ICC Icecrown, Icecrown Citadel 10/25-man 80 80+ 80 80+ WotLK
Ruby Sanctum RS, Hal10/25 Dragonblight, Wyrmrest Temple 10/25-man 80 80+ 80 80+ WotLK


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