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 Home - MoP Alliance Leveling Guide 1-90

MoP Alliance Leveling Guide 1-90

MoP Zones by level

WoW Zones By Level 1-90

1-10 Starting zones & quests
10-15 Westfall
20-25 Duskwood
25-35 Stonetalon Mountains
35-45 Cape of Stranglehorn
45-50 Felwood
50-52 Badlands
52-54 Burning Steppes
54-58 Swamp of Sorrows
58-62 Blasted Lands
62-66 Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest
66-68 Nagrand

68-73 Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra
73-76 Dragonblight
76-80 Sholazar Basin, Icecrown
80-81 Storm Peaks

81-83 Mount Hyjal
83-84 Deepholm, Uldum
84-85 Twilight Highlands

10-35 (85-86) Jade Forest
[ilvl 372-384 with rare 404]

15-35 (86-86) Valley of the Four Winds
[ilvl 399, with rare 419]

15-35 (86-87) Krasarang Wilds
[ilvl 399, with rare 419]

20-35 (87-88) Kun-Lai Summit
[ilvl 414 with ilvl 434]

25-35 (88-89) Townlong Steppes
[ilvl 429 with ilvl 442]

30-35 (89-90) Dread Wastes
[ilvl 437 with ilvl 450]

30-35 (90+) Vale of Eternal Blossoms
[ilvl 445]

30-35 (90+) Timeless Isle
[ilvl 496]

Pandaria map
MoP Pandaria map

Wandering Isle - The Wandering Isle is the starting area of the playable pandaren in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. The Isle is a massive island on the back of a giant turtle, known to the pandaren as Shen-zin Su.

Choosing Alliance or Horde - Upon completing A New Fate (This quest starts in The Wandering Isle and ends in Stormwind City and Durotar), adventurers will be whisked to their new capital city in order to meet their new leader.
Adventurers then have the choice of any 10-20 leveling zone accessible to their new faction:

Westfall (A) / Azshara (H)
Loch Modan (A) / Northern Barrens (H)
Darkshore (A) / Silverpine Forest (H)
Bloodmyst Isle (A) / Ghostlands (H)

Info, loot, maps and subregions

Jade Forest Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Order of the Cloud Serpent
Join the Order of the Cloud Serpent.
Quest: Riding the Skies
NPC: Elder Anli
Notable Rare Spawns and Loot:

Temple of the Jade Serpent
The Temple of the Jade Serpent is located in The Jade Forest on Pandaria.

Encounters: Wise Mari, Lorewalker Stonestep, Liu Flameheart, Sha of Doubt.
Level: 10-35
Number of players: 5
Location: The Jade Forest

Singegruff is a pandaren vendor found at Dawn's Blossom in Jade Forest. He sells weapons and armor for all classes.

Valley of the Four Winds Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Valley of the Four Winds Vendors and Encounters
Valley of the Four Winds is a level 86+ questing zone. It's considered to be the heartland of Pandaria with lush crops.
Level: 15-35 (86+)
Battle pet level: 23-25
Instance: Stormstout Brewery
Number of players: 5
Location: Valley of the Four Winds
Encounters: Salyis's Warband, Ook-Ook, Hoptallus, Yan-Zhu the Uncasked, Galleon
Notable Rare Spawns and Loot:

Krasarang Wilds Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Krasarang Wilds Vendors, Reputation and Achievements
Level: 15-35 (86+)
Battle pet level: 23-25
Vendor: Sage Whiteheart (Alliance) / Sage Lotusbloom (Horde)
Zone: Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Faction: The August Celestials - Exalted
Cost: 10,000g
Notable Rare Spawns and Loot:
Vendor: Tuskripper Grukna
Zone: Krasarang Wilds
Faction: Dominance Offensive - Exalted

Kun-Lai Summit Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Kun-Lai Summit Vendors and Encounters
Level: 20-35 (87-90)
Battle pet level: 23-25
Instances: Mogu'shan Vaults (90+, 10/25 man. Approximate run time: 2-4 hours), Shado-Pan Monastery (87-90, 5 man)
Encounters: Gu Cloudstrike, Master Snowdrift, Sha of Violence, Taran Zhu, The Stone Guard, Feng the Accursed, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder, The Spirit Kings, Elegon, Will of the Emperor
Vendor: Uncle Bigpocket
Zone: Kun-Lai Summit
Cost: 120,000g
Notable Rare Spawns and Loot:

Townlong Steppes Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Townlong Steppes Vendors and Encounters
Townlong Steppes, intended for level 88+ players to quest in, is a dangerous place. The Pandaren generally live on the other side of the Great Wall, but the mantid have burst through their defenses a hundred years early.
Level: 25-35
Battle pet level: 24-25
Instances: Siege of Niuzao Temple
Reputation Hub: Shado-Pan
Encounters: Vizier Jin'bak, Commander Vo'jak, General Pa'valak, Wing Leader Ner'onok
Quest: Surprise Attack!
Notable Rare Spawns and Loot:

Dread Wastes Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Dread Wastes Vendors and Encounters
The Dread Wastes are located in the southwestern region of Pandaria. It is a wasteland that surrounds the center of a great mantid hive, this zone will be a mix of swamps and deserts ruled by the Sha of Fear..
Level: 30-50 (84-90)
Battle pet level: 24-25
Flight Master locations: Neutral Sunset Brewgarden / Neutral Klaxxi'vess / Neutral Soggy's Gamble
Instances: Heart of Fear
Reputation Hub: The Klaxxi
Encounters: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, Blade Lord Ta'yak, Garalon, Wind Lord Mel'jarak, Amber-Shaper Un'sok, Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Vendor: Ambersmith Zikk
Zone: Dread Wastes
Faction: The Klaxxi - Exalted
Cost: 10,000g
Notable Rare Spawns and Loot:

Vale of Eternal Blossoms Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Vale of Eternal Blossoms Vendors and Encounters
Vale of Eternal Blossoms, a zone for max-level players, is the seat of the Pandaren empire.
Level: 30-50
Battle pet level: 24-25
Instances: Mogu'shan Palace
Reputation Hub: The August Celestials, Golden Lotus, The Lorewalkers
Encounters: Trial of the King, Gekkan, Xin the Weaponmaster
Notable Rare Spawns and Loot:

Timeless Isle Instances, Dailies & Achievements

Timeless Isle Vendors and Encounters
Level: 30-35
Battle pet level: 25
Vendor: Mistweaver Xia.
Requires level 1 to 60
Requires Apprentice Riding
Vendor: Mistweaver Ku.
Encounters: Chi-Ji, Yu'lon, Niuzao, Xuen, Ordos.
Drop: Huolon, spawns roughly every hour. (or Black Market)

Mists of Pandaria Reputation Overview

The Anglers: Fishing rods, rafts, recipes, and a pet fish.
August Celestials: Wrist enchants, Cloud Serpent mount.
Golden Lotus: Tailoring and Leatherworking recipes, Cloud Serpent mount.
Kirin Tor Offensive / Sunreaver Onslaught: Direhorn mount, consumables for Trove scenario.
Klaxxi: Transmog weapons, Blacksmithing patterns.
Lorewalkers: Disc mount, archaeology items.
Operation Shieldwall / Dominance Offensive: Gryphon/Wyvern mounts.
Order of the Cloud Serpent: Ability to ride Cloud Serpents and tame Cloud Serpent pets, complimentary mount, Jewelcrafting mount recipes.
Shaohao: Cloud Serpent mount, porcupine pet, disguises, Timeless Isle teleport.
Shado-Pan: Transmog helm, Tiger mounts, weapon enchants.
Shado-Pan Assault: ilvl 522 Epics.
The Tillers: Expanding your farm, goat mounts, access to seeds that grow profession reagents.


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30 Things to Do At Level 80, 85 and 90!

Regions adjacent to the Wandering Isle:
Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest (A)
Orgrimmar, Durotar (H)


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