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Rogue talents can strengthen their ability to hide in shadows, kill foes with quick, deadly strikes, and survive in extended slugfests.

Assassination - A deadly master of poisons who dispatches victims with vicious dagger strikes. Preferred Weapons: Daggers
Stat Priority
Agility > Crit > Haste >= Versatility >= Mastery
Key Abilities
Outlaw - A ruthless fugitive who uses agility and guile to stand toe-to-toe with enemies. Preferred Weapons: Axes, Maces, Swords, Fist Weapons
Stat Priority
Agility > Crit > Haste >= Versatility > Mastery
Key Abilities
Subtlety - A dark stalker who leaps from the shadows to ambush her unsuspecting prey. Preferred Weapons: Daggers
Stat Priority
Agility > Versatility >= Crit >= Haste > Mastery
Key Abilities


Melee Damage
By skillfully wielding dual-wielded weapons, rogues can deliver catastrophic damage to their targets.

Rogues sneak about the battlefield, hiding from enemies and delivering surprise attacks to the unwary when opportunity arises.

Rogues coat their weapons in poison, allowing them to quickly dispatch weakened foes.

By planning and combining successive melee attacks, rogues can build up combo points that allow them to deliver devastating finishing blows in combat.


ID class: 4
Hex color: #FFF468
Icon: Rogue class

For rogues, the only code is the contract, and their honor is purchased in gold. Free from the constraints of a conscience, these mercenaries rely on brutal and efficient tactics. Lethal assassins and masters of stealth, they will approach their marks from behind, piercing a vital organ and vanishing into the shadows before the victim hits the ground.

Class Information
Rogues often initiate combat with a surprise attack from the shadows, leading with vicious melee strikes. When in protracted battles, they utilize a successive combination of carefully chosen attacks to soften the enemy up for a killing blow. Rogues must take special care when selecting targets so that their combo attacks are not wasted, and they must be conscious of when to hide or flee if a battle turns against them.

Combat Roles

Health, Energy, Combo Points

Armor Type

Available Weapons
Daggers, Fist Weapons, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords

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Symbols of Death
/cast Shadow Dance
/cast Shadow Blades
/cast Symbols of Death

#showtooltip Shadowstep
/cast [@mouseover,exists,nodead][@player] Shadowstep

Tricks of the Trade
#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
/cast [@focus,help] Tricks of the Trade

Shadowstrike, Shadow Dance
#showtooltip Shadow Dance
/cast [stance:0]Shadow Dance
/cast [stance:1]Shadowstrike
/cast [stance:2]Shadowstrike

Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot
/cast [stealth] Cheap Shot; Kidney Shot

#showtooltip blind
/cast [@mouseover] [ ] Blind

/cast [stealth] Sap; [nostealth] Gouge

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